Welcome to our site! A mother and daughter team aiming to create and sell products that improve and empower people to find and nurture their authenticity.

It is our belief that each of us holds unique gifts and talents to offer the world. While it is true that we all need to recognize and respect each other’s uniqueness; we must first learn to recognize and respect our own. What the world needs now is self love! This has been a lesson for us that we are still learning, and we want to share the journey and encourage others to self nourish and embrace their own divine self and have the courage to walk their path authentically.

We will be selling herbal lotions, spritzers and other products that heal on multi levels, including emotional. We will be growing, adding and building ourselves and our site.

We hope you bear with us and share our excitement for this new journey!

Here’s to being YOUthentic!!


Maria and Serenity