Self-Love and Bath Salt Recipe💗

Happy Valentine’s 2021! If you read my welcome page, you already know how much I encourage self-love. I truly do believe in healing and loving yourself, you blossom into the best&highest version of yourself, then reflecting that light and wholeness into the world ripples through and helps heal humanity😁⭐.

For a better world, it’s our responsibility to be the light, we want to see&to be the love we hope to receive!💗🌹

On that note, I wanted to share my Self-Love Bath Salt recipe, in case you missed it on my media pages. I hope your day is filled with love 💖

Author: breakdownchick

Herbalist/Writer/Blogger/Crafter/Creator 💚🌹 ~On a multidimensional healing journey and sharing as I go along, hoping to inspire healing in others. Namaste and Hotmeste 😁🙏⭐

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