DIY Herbal Magic Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning is a time-honored ritual. It may feel like a chore but if we practice intent while cleaning it can be a magical experience.โญ
Open the windows, burn some incense or a smoke/smudge stick to cleanse and circulate the air in your home.๐ŸŒ€
Then mix up some of these herbal blends to add a little magic!โœจ
These ingredients are also antibacterial, so not only will you be disinfecting and cleansing your home, but you can also focus on attracting protection, prosperity, and good health!๐Ÿ’š
Why use store-bought cleaners with harmful ingredients when you can easily make your own?
Happy Spring Cleaning!๐ŸŒน

Happy Spring&Blessed Ostara

Happy Spring & Blessed Ostara!๐ŸŒท

Spring brings us one of the two points of balance in the year wheel, where we sit between the dark half of the year that has passed and the light half of the year that is ahead.

Spring brings hope, forward energy, and new beginnings.

Ostara comes from the Anglo Saxon Goddess name, Eostre, and celebrates the Spring equinox symbolizing fertility and abundance.

A perfect time to gather our daydreams and determine what seeds and steps to take to manifest them.

What do you dream of planting?๐ŸŒฑ