Happy Spring 2019


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Happy Spring of 2019!! This year has been a whirlwind for me so far. I meant to post for New Year; but, life had other plans. Broken friendship, sprained ankle, and cat cancer started my year; but, Spring is here and hope is renewed. Time to clean out the old, breathe in the fresh and plant new seeds!

I thank you for still following us and I promise to launch some products soon. The first one will be our lotion titled, “Nourish”, a recipe I have worked on for two years now. It is full of herbs and oils designed to nourish the skin and the spirit. I will create a separate post describing this lotion with more detail.

After the New moon this weekend, I plan to make a nice big batch and start with offering you free samples! 

From my heart, I wish you a Happy Spring and hope it breathes new hope into your life.

Many blessings 🌹💗

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